What is Epona?

Epona Equestrian Services is a thought leader in the field of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. Founded in 1997 by author, lecturer and horse trainer Linda Kohanov, Epona has received international attention for educational programs that employ horses in teaching people leadership, assertiveness, personal empowerment, relationship, intuition, and emotional fitness skills.

Linda Kohanov is the author of Tao of Equus, Riding Between the Worlds, Way of the Horse, and soon to be published The Power of the Herd. People travel from around the world to attend workshops and private sessions with the Epona herd. Since 2002, Kohanov and her staff have also trained over 160 Approved Instructors who now offer Epona-based programs on five continents.

At the dawn of the 21st century, horses are breaking out of their roles as beasts of burden, yet they’re far from obsolete. As horses are no longer required to work in our fields and carry us to war, they’re doing something arguably more important: working on us.

Whether you’re interested horses or human development — or both — the Epona Approach allows you to experience what it means to truly thrive in life, offering you tools that open other worlds of creativity, insight, and empowerment, expanding your vision, helping you reconnect to nature, to the herd and to the community.

In 2011, Tamara completed Linda Kohanov’s Apprenticeship Program. Tamara is now an Epona Approved Instructor and works in partnership with her herd of Rocky Mountain Horses to offer educational and expansive experiences via Equine Connection @ Stone Bridge Farm.