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The Rocky Mountain Horse is an American breed, but it is gaining popularity in other parts of the world. Stone Bridge Farm has helped introduce Rockies to the Czech Republic and Australia.

Rockies in the Czech Republic

CelebrationIn April 2007, Stone Bridge Farm sent three mares to the Czech Republic; SB Sunshine Lady (Sunny), SB Midnight Celebration (Celebration), and American Liberty (Libby). The girls are well-loved by Anja and her family, and have been well-received by the local community. “Everybody is amazed how easy and friendly they are.”

On October 12, 2007, Libby gave birth to the first Rocky Mountain foal to be born in the Czech Republic. The foal was a blue roan filly and is now owned by a family in Germany.

Anja and her family now have a Rocky Mountain stallion of their own and continue to work on the introduction of the Rocky Mountain Horse in Europe. Their website can be viewed at

Coco and LibertySunny

Rockies in Australia

Stone Bridge Farm has worked closely with Daryl Elphick at Canalbyn Rocky Mountain Horses in Australia. Daryl and Dan met in 1989 while both attending Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. In 2007 Daryl decided to import several Rocky Mountain Horses and begin a breeding program in New South Wales, Australia. Prior to the import of Daryl’s horses, there was only one Rocky Mountain Horse in all of Australia. Daryl’s herd is growing quickly and he is working to spread knowledge and love of this wonderful breed.

A brief history of Canalbyn’s Rockies

March 2008

Mares in AustraliaIt had been many miles and days since Lucy and Rosebud could call a place home. In February 2008, they said goodbye to Stone Bridge Farm in Minnesota and boarded a trailer bound for Los Angeles, California. After 21 days of quarantine in California, they took at 24-hour flight to Sydney, Australia. Then, after another 21 days of quarantine in Sydney, they took a final trailer ride to their new home at Canalbyn Rocky Mountain Horses in New South Wales, Australia.

The climate was quite different from Minnesota. Reportedly, Lucy and Rosebud appeared to be very relaxed and spent lots of time grazing and looking into the distance at things that they were curious about. Rosebud, in particular, was fascinated with the kangaroos and seemed to watch them for hours.

July 2008

Stallion in AustraliaThree-year-old, blue roan stallion, MMR’s Gunsmoke joined Lucy and Rosebud in Australia. Gunsmoke was a puppy dog of a horse and had many traits of the old-time Rocky Mountain Horse including: solid bone structure, friendly disposition, and wonderful 4-beat gait. Gunsmoke sired ten foals in Australia and two in the United States.

October 2008

Lucy gave birth to the first Rocky Mountain foal to be born in the Southern Hemisphere. The beautiful, chocolate colt was named Fury’s Southern Star. He is now a stallion prospect for Canalbyn Rocky Mountain Horses. The colt’s sire is Venture’s Black Fury, a black stallion owned by eMDee Mountain Horses in Shumway, Illinois.

March 2009

First Foal in AustraliaTwo additional pregnant Rocky Mountain mares were imported to Australia. SB Bold Beginning had been bred to Willie’s Buttermilk Biscuit and Kentucky Special Dark had been bred to El Cid. Both gave birth to beautiful fillies in August 2009.