Feb 22 2012

Learn to Attain & Maintain Gait


Are you considering purchasing a Rocky Mountain Horse and want to learn more about Rocky Mountain Horses and their gait?  Or, do you have a Rocky but do not feel you are able to achieve optimum gait?  Contact Tamara at Stone Bridge Farm to spend a few hours or a few days learning about Rocky Mountain Horses.

Tamara has bred, trained and sold Rocky Mountain Horses for the past 14 years.  She has also been a gait Examiner for the Rocky Mountain Horse Association since 2006.  Tamara utilizes natural methods to achieve gait and does not believe in harsh bits, unbalanced riding, or unnatural trimming or shoeing.  Tamara can help you learn how to work with the horse to optimize movement and increase enjoyment for yourself and the horse.

You may work with the Rockies at Stone Bridge Farm or make arrangements to bring your own horse.  If you stay for a full day or more you are welcome to stay in one of our trailers.  Trailers are equipped with a working kitchen.  Bring and prepare your own food throughout the duration of your stay.

Visit the “Customize Your Horse Vacation” or “Private Sessions” pages for additional information.  Contact Tamara to schedule or for more information.

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