Fall Reflections on the Trail

A Vacation Experience

Horseback Riding Vacation - Rocky Mountain Horses - Equestrian Holiday - Relax & ReflectFall is a gorgeous time in Minnesota! This special 4-day equine vacation offers opportunity for personal development while riding the trails and enjoying the fall splendor of nature. Limited to 4 guests. Previous riding experience is required.

This vacation includes 4 days of horseback riding and learning, 5 nights lodging, and all meals.


You will spend the majority of the first day at Stone Bridge Farm getting acquainted with the horses. There will be opportunity for horseback riding in the arena, on the obstacles, and around the farm. The facilitators will introduce a few Epona tools focused on strengthening partnership and building awareness and several horseback riding techniques designed to bring awareness and balance to riding.

In the late afternoon of the first day, we will move the trailers and horses to a local campground where we will camp, ride, learn, and reflect for three days and three nights. While camping you will experience cooking over a campfire, sharing the campsite with horses, and hours of riding on trails through secluded woodlands, prairies, and bluff country. By using The Epona Approach, your facilitators will guide you in new creative ways to connect and partner with horses while accessing the inner wisdom that lies within you. Learning activities will be introduced in camp and ample time for reflection will be provided while in the saddle on the trail.

In the late afternoon on the 4th day, we will return to Stone Bridge Farm and complete your vacation with a final, memorable reflective activity with horses.


Dates Offered

  • TBD for 2013

Your Guides

Felicity Glenister, Tamara Callstrom, and Tamara’s herd of gaited Rocky Mountain Horses will host and guide you throughout your vacation. Tamara and her horses have spent many miles on the trail and they and Felicity are ready to introduce you to the beauty of the Midwestern United States and the joys of riding a gaited horse! To learn more about Tamara and Felicity visit the Facilitators page.


View our photo galleries to see a variety of images of the farm and horses as well as pictures of many activities included in this vacation.