Riding to the Leader Within

A Vacation Experience

Horseback Riding Vacation - Equestrian Holiday - Personal Development - Epona WorkshopSpend six days horseback riding, relaxing and strengthening your leadership skills with the gaited Rocky Mountain Horses at Stone Bridge Farm. Whether you are a manager, entrepreneur, educator, parent, or community volunteer; leadership skills are essential. In this 6-day vacation experience you will have a fantastic time riding horses, but you will also learn tools for strengthening non-verbal communication, assertiveness, emotional fitness, and relationship skills which are all essential to successful leadership.

This vacation includes 6 days of riding and learning, 7 nights lodging, and all meals.


For 3½ days, Stone Bridge Farm will be your base camp. Daily horseback riding will be integrated with a variety of Epona tools focused on developing the skills necessary to thrive as a leader in the 21st century. By using The Epona Approach, your facilitators will guide you in new creative ways to connect and partner with horses and humans. Activities with the horses will enable you to see and access the brilliant leader that resides within you. Horseback riding at Stone Bridge Farm will start in the indoor riding arena and progress to the obstacle course, fields of the farm, and surrounding agricultural and wooded land.

In the late afternoon of the 4th day, we will move the trailers and horses to a local campground where we will setup camp for the remainder of your vacation. While camping you will experience cooking over a campfire, sharing the campsite with horses, and hours of horseback riding on trails through secluded woodlands, prairies, and bluff country. We can enjoy an evening ride as well for those who are interested; departing at dusk and returning under the light of a starry sky. It is a memorable experience to ride horses at dusk, admiring the beauty of sunset and listening to the sounds of the forest as darkness falls.

In the late afternoon on the 6th day, we will return to Stone Bridge Farm and complete your vacation with a final, memorable leadership activity involving your fellow riders and horses.

Each day there will be time for relaxation and reflection. Two optional outings are also available. One is a barbeque and campfire on a beautiful vantage point overlooking Stone Bridge Farm. The other is a short trip to Red Wing, a historic town on the Mississippi River, with dinner at a local winery, Falconer Vineyards.


Dates Offered

  • TBD for 2013

Your Guides

The gaited Rocky Mountain Horses of Stone Bridge Farm in conjunction with two Epona Approved Instructors will host and guide you throughout your vacation. The horses have spent many miles on the trail and are ready to introduce you to the beauty of the Midwestern United States and the joys of riding a gaited horse!


View our photo galleries to see a variety of images of the farm and horses as well as pictures of many activities included in this vacation.